Gridin Viktor Fedorovitch (1943-1997)

Viktor Gridin was born November 28, 1943 in Pristennoe Pristenky, Kursk region.
In 1962 he graduated from the School of Music in Moscow, class bayan of Al. T. Gatsenko. Later he graduated from the Gnesin Conservatory in Moscow, class bayan of Kuzovlev.

Immediately after music school, Gridin was asked as a soloist and he joined the Symphonic Orchestra of Moscow Radio under conduction of Silantyov. From 1968 til 1975 he was soloist at the Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army, founded by Alexandrov. With this ensemble Gridin performed all over the world. It was also while playing in this ensemble that he met the famous singer Lyudmilla Zykina, who invited him to work with her in the State Russian Folk Ensemble "Russian". Zykina, who was 14 years older, and Viktor Gridin not only became inseparable in work, they also got married. This marriage would last for 17 years, till Viktor left Lyudmilla for another woman.

During the whole period he worked with the ensemble "Russian", from 1976 and till 1993, Viktor Gridin experienced the true heydays of performing, songwriting and orchestral conducting. It was also during this period, in 1987, that he was honored with the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR.
The works he composed, and performed with the ensemble "Russian", do reflect the most stylistic features of Gridin as a composer and performer. He created in his works an extraordinary vitality. In his playing he managed to combine different voices and to play complicated texture in a very fast pace. It is no exaggeration to call Victor Gridin one of the best bayanists ever and even during his life, for the Russians he was a living legend.

Viktor Gridin died in Moscow, April 4th 1997, only 55 years of age.

Happy round dance
Utushka lugovaya (Meadow duckling)
Kossak Variations
Gypsy rhapsody
March round dance
Sparikling shooting stars
At the arena
Variations on "Ivushka" from Ponomarenko
Variations on "The waves of the Danube" from Ivanovici
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