Angelis Franck (1962)

Franck Angelis is a French composer who also won several international accordion competitions, such as The Grand Prix in 1979 and the Trofée Mondiale in 1981.

As a composer he participated in several creations, including Mass of Bernard Cavanna and the festival "Musica" in Strasbourg. He also recorded for film soundtracks: "Jeanne et les garçons formidables", with music of Philippe Miller, and "Un monde entre deux", music by Bernard Cavanna.

Franck's reputation as a composer of modern accordion literature was launched when his composition "Boite à Rythme" was performed and won on the international accordion competition in Klingenthal, Germany. Boite à Rythme is a very modern and technical work, with jazzy rhythms.
As a composer Angelis was greatly impressed by the Russian school and the compositions of his favourite composers Zolotaryov and Sofia Gubaidulina, who, along with other well known composers, helped to elevate the level of the accordeon literature. Now F. Angelis is trying to make a positive impact on the accordeon world himself. In his compositions he tries to establish his own new and original modern style.
The compositions of Angelis require technical virtuosity, great expressiveness and sensivity of the performer. His works show the creative genius and artistry of their composer.

His compositions are part of the programs of the greatest international accordionists, such as M. Varynen, A. Skliarov, R. Jbanov, P. Maric and many others.

Franck Angelis has been a member of many national and international accordion juries. (Trophée Mondiale, Castelfidardo, Coupe Mondiale)
Suite de concert
Boite à Rythm
Hommage à Paco
Impasse, in four movements
  • Allegro Ritmico
  • Andante Dolorosa
  • Adagio Sostenuto
  • Vivace Finale

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