Trojan Vaclav (1907 - 1983)

Vaclav Trojan was a Czech composer, born in Plzen on 24th of April 1907, as the son of a photographer. It was in his homestown that he heard music for the first time, and there he got his first lessons from the local musicians.

From 1923 till 1927 he studied organ, conducting and composition at the conservatory of Prague. The next two years he studied composition at the master class of Vitezslav Novak and he followed a course from A. Haba which made him familiar with quarter-tone music. He graduated in 1929.

This was the time that Trojan wrote his first compositions. He was not interested in experimental music, but he created a music which was understandable for everybody, without being influenced by the taste of the day
After he graduated, he became a free-lance musician and teacher for piano and violin, he performed as a violist and was also repetitor. In the meantime he kept writing music. His jazz-compositions were performed at national broadcasting by the orchestra of E. Schulhoff. He also worked with the Mila Mellanova's Theater, where he met the librettist for his later children's opera "Kolotoc"
From 1937 till 1945 he worked at the Czech broadcasting as a musical director and program-manager. This job gave him the financial security and the stimulation for his work as a composer. He had a good relationship with Czech folk-music and used this in his complete oeuvre.

In the years 1940 he worked with the producer Jiri Frejka and together with him he wrote several pieces for the National Theater (Narodni Livadlo). In the years 1950 he wrote works based on the pre-Smetana tradition of the Czech national revival movement, which were very popular: "Pani Marjanka", "Matka Pluku", etc.

As a composer he won several prizes: in 1940 the Czech National Prize for his children's opera "Kolotoc" (The merry go-round), in 1960 the K. Gottwald State Prize for "Sen Noci Svatojanski" (A midsummer night's dream), in 1962 in Valencia, Spain, the special prize CIDALC, and many others.
Trojan died in Prague on July 5th, 1983.

Source:, Wikipedia
Works for accordeon:
Orchestral compositions
1959: Fairy tales for accordeon and orchestra
Chamber compositions
  • 1967: Prince Bayaya, fairy tale for violin, guitar and                                     accordeon
  • 1969: The emperor's nightingale, suite from the film, for violin, guitar and accordeon
  • 1970: Folksongs from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia for guitar and accordeon
  • 1973: Folksongs and carols for guitar and accordeon
1977: Pohadka, for accordeon and orchestra
Arrangements for accordeon
  • 1958: The ruined cathedral, solo for accordeon
  • 1962: The chicken polka
  • 1965: Tarantella, for two accordeons
  • Posovani na myslivce, polka for two accordeons
  • Vocal arrengements and stylizations of folk songs
  • Czech pastorales for children's choir with accompanement of two accordeons and percussion instruments
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