Sidorov Vladimir ( 1956 - till now )

Vladimir Sidorov was born in Russia, October 1st 1956.

Since 1972 he was activily engaged in composition and performance of music.
In 1977 Sidorov graduated from the Glinka College of Music in Mognitogorsk, Russia, major: theory of music. 
In 1983 he graduated from the Moussorgsky Conservatory in Ekaterinaburg, Russia, major: composition. 
Since 1983 he was teaching theory of music and related objects in Mangitogorsk. In 1986 Vladimir Sidorov became a member of the Musical Foundation of the Russian Composer Union.

Nowadays Vladimir Sidorov is a professional composer and assistent professor at the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory, where he teaches composition, music history and music therory. He is manager for the international project "Musiacl Ethnographical Center of South Ural" and producer and senior musical editor for the weekly show "Musical Magnitogorsk.

Sidorov is chief executive for the local Mangitogorsk State Recording Studio and primary concert organiser for the local performers.
The main object for Sidorov's work is to synthesize the colorful Russian music culture with modern day styles, by using electronic instrumentation combined with live orchestration. 

Vladimir Sidorov composes a big variaty of music: symphonies, ballets, operas, chamber music, choral poems and chants, New Age electronic music and countless songs. Professor Sidorov is also a passionate philosopher and humanitarian. He writes articles about poetry, astrology and philosophy, which are published on a weekly base in newspapers all over Russia. 

                      Works for bayan or accordeon

Op 1, 1972 28 Etudes and pieces for bayan
Op 5, 1973 Sonatine for accordeon
Op 11, 1976 Suite no 1 for accordeon in nine movements
       Podgornaya, Dozhdik - Dozhdichek, Shchi iz Topora, 
       Derevenskaya grust, Dodgy Baba, Tanya - Tanya, Ech razdole,
       Soldat y chort, Celskii Bazar
Op 60, 1991 Suite no 2 for accordeon in four movements
       Prelude, Waltz, Pastorale, Plyasova


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