Volodymyr Runchak (1960 - today)

Volodymyr Runchak was born on 12th of June in Lutsk, Ukraine, in 1960. He studied as accordionist at Luts'k Music College (1979) and at the Kiev State Conservatory, where he graduated as conductor in 1984 and composer in 1986. At the conservatory he studied with P. H. Diettrich, V. Globakar, M. Kopytman, E. Denissov and G. Stabler.

Runchak won the first prize in Ukraine's National Accordion Competition in 1984. He frequently performed as an accordionist and conducted various chamber ensembles in Kiev.

Since 1988 Volodymyr Runchak worked as a consultant at  the Union of Composers of Ukraine, he was a member of the International Association of Composers and the Association of New Music. He conducted orchestras in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and France and gave premieres of more than 100 works by contemporary composers. Many of these premieres were at the New Music Concert Series in Kiev, which he himself founded.

Runchak's works have been performed throughout Europe and he has been featured in a number of concerts devoted to his music. His compositional style is a fusion of emotionalism and structural precision, often employing unusual combinations of instruments, exotic arrangements of players and humorous composition titles.
Volodymyr Runchak strives to reconcile direct aesthetic appeal with textural complexity and significant performance challenges.
Source: www.dumamusic.com/composers/volodymyrrunchak.html

Suite no 1 "Portraits of composers" for accordion in four movements
  • Bach
  • Shostakovich
  • Paganini
  • Stravinski
Accord l is on, for accordeon
Vladislav Passion Symphony, for accordion and orchestra
Suite no 2 "Ukrainian" in three movements, for accordeon
Messa de requiem, for accordeon
Hutsul Mosaic, for domra and accordeon
Kyrie Eleison, for violin and accordeon
Two confessions, for accordeon
"Quietly near the river" Ukrainian folk song for child's voice and accordeon orchestra
Quasi Sonata no 2 "A try of self-analysis", for accordeon
Sonata "Passione" for accordeon
Suite no 2 "Light Sorrow" for accordeon

source: www.anm.odessa.ua/mic/Runchak.html
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