Precz Bogdan (1960 - 1996)

Bogdan Precz was born in Myslowice, Poland, on May 27 1960 and died in Madrid, Spain, on 24th of July 1996.

From 1984 to 1987 Precz studied accordeon at the Musical Academy in Katowice, with Joachim Pichury. He also was a member of the Silezian Accordeon Quintet. 

In 1987 Bogdan Precz emigrated to Spain. As an accordeon player he participated in several competitions. He was seen in Ancona, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, Sydney (1994). He also took part in competitions with the Silezian Accordeon Quintet. But he was not only a competent accordeon player, he also was a composer. He wrote music for accordeon solo, for which he was awarded at the V International Accordeon Competition For Composers in Ancona, Italy. The obligatory work at the international accordeon competition in Fontaineblue, France, was also chosen from these compositions. Besides this, Precz wrote duets for accordeon and pieces for other instruments.
Most probably Bogdan Precz was the first Polish accordeon player and composer who successfully combined jazz-music with the accordeon. He also arranged Polish folk music for accordeon, which he recorded together with the trombone player Bronek Grudusko. This album would be his last: six months later he died in a car-accident, only 36 years of age. 

Bogdan Precz was one of Poland's most important accordeonists, as he presented the instrument to the world in very various ways. His compositions for solo accordeon still are performed by the most renowned accordeon players, such as Friederich Lips and P. Rangno. What Precz meant for the accordeon in Poland can be compared with what Piazolla meant for the Argentine tango.
                                              Works for accordeon
Fantasia Polacca, 1987
Acco-duo, 1988
Fusion, 1988
Sonata no 1, 1989
  • Ballata
  • Canzona
  • Scherzo
Suite para Ninos no 1, 1989
Preambolo e toccata, 1990
Suite para Ninos no 2, 1990
Opowiesc Starego Lirnika, 1991 (The story of the old lyricist)
Suite para Ninos no 3, 1991
Tryphtongos, 1991
Concert, (for ensemble of accordeon, 2 violins, double bass and cello), 1992
Grafeld's Impression, 1993
Six Studies, 1993
Sonata no 2, 1993
Suite para Ninos no 4, 1993
Danza de la Vida, 1994
Twelve in four - Musical Painting Joan Miro III, 1994
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