Makkonen Petri (1967)

Petri Makkonen was born in Lisalmi, Finland in 1967. At the age of eight he started to play with a piano accordion, mostly folk music.

As he was fourteen, he started to learn on a classical button accordion, lessons he got from H. Velamo at the Sibelius Academy Junior department in Helsinki. In 1994 Petri Mokkonen graduated from the Sibelius Academy Professional Department, after having studied accordion with M. Rantanen, and composition.

At the Moscow Accordion Festival in 2006 het got the silver disk-prize for his work as an accordion composer. He also got the Best New Original Work Award for his composition Tango-Toccata in Coupe Mondiale Accordion Contest in Shangaii, 2011.

Nowadays Makkonen is accordion lecturer at the Kuopio Conservatory and conductor of the Kuopio Conservatory Accordion Orchestra. He gives accordion concerts, mostly presenting works of his own. He also plays in several bands, with different styles of music.
In May 2012 Petri Makkonen was member of the jury in the competition for Folk Music, categories accordion and bayan in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
virtuoso pieces, wellknown in accordion contests
A flight beyond time
Choral Prelude
Other works
Space Music, suite for accordion
  • 2 pieces for free bass accordion FB
  • 2 pieces for standard bass accordion SB
Is Movin SB
A scent of summer SB
Töx SB
Ahhh SB
A curved polska FB
1979 Polka Furioso
1981 Darkness of winter
1980 Jogging Elk
1981 Twittering birds
1981 Etude
1982 Wedding song
1983 The red bike
1985 Waltzing emotion
1984 Polka of Martikkala Village
1986 A march of graduating students
1987 Fishing in a bukket
1982 Return of the fieldfares
1986 The slippers
1987 Dorian emotion
1987 Modal emotion

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