Mahr Curt ( 1908 - 1978 )

Curt Mahr was born in Schwarza ( Thuringen), Germany, 23rd of September 1907. He studied at the College of Music in Leipzig (masterclass piano and waldhorn). Since 1935 he was an accordeon virtuoso.
Frequently he gave guest concerts with broadcasting stations. For many years he was  a coworker of Radio Hamburg (NWDR) and later of the Central German Broadcast in Leipzig.
Curt Mahr lived in Berlin till 1950. Then he moved to Wiesbaden as he became a free composer and music pedagogue. In 1959 he received the DHV, a needle in gold, awarded by the German Harmonika Federation.

Curt Mahr died in Niederhausen on 30th of July 1978.
Works for accordeon (amongst others)

Zigeuner Ouvertüre
Italienische Tangoserenade
Concertino in G-dur, four movements
  • allegro
  • thema
  • variation
  • coda
Marsch für akkordeon
Die Dorfsmusik
Ungairsche Fantasie
Mitchika (quintet )
Bolero con Brio

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