Kusyakov Anatoly Ivanovich (1945-2007)

Anatoly Kusyakov was born in the region of Ushe Ivanovsk on June 7th, 1945.

He finished his studies of composition at the Music Pedagogical Institute of Rostov in 1971, class of L. P. Klinitchev, and reached the grade of "Aspirantura" at the consevatory of Moscow in 1974, at the class of S. A. Balasanyan. Since 1974 he was teaching composition and instrumentation at the Music Pedagogical Institute of Rostov-on-Don. In 1981 he became Rector of that institute, which he stayed till 1988. One year later, in 1989 he was professor at the same institute. (Now this institute is called "Rachmaninoff Conservatory".

Kusyakov was renowned for his teaching and compositions. In 1986 he was awarded the Merited Artist of Russia title. He also was prize-winner at the All Russian Competition for composers in 1977.

In 2003, the Confédération Internationale des Accordéonistes (CIA) awarded Kusyakov with the CIA Merit Award, in recognition of his work and outstanding contributions to the international accordeon movement.
On one of his trips through Germany, Kusyakov visited the Cathedral of Apostle Paul in the city of Munster. The composer was extremely impressed by the grandeur of the building. In 2003 Kusyakov started to compose "Sonata no 6", which he grounded on the tragedy of the Munster community: in 1535 the inhabitants of Munster founded the community, with its own legal regulations, but it was smashed down by the authorities within 16 months. This demonstration of freedom was not accepted by the authorities. The leaders of the community, together with their families, were executed with particular cruelty. They were locked in iron cages, shown and humiliated all over, and after starvation they were burnt down, in the iron cages hanging over the fire.

The international festival "Bayan and Bayanists", held in Moscow in December 2004, was dedicated to his work and on this occasion he also was awarded with the "Silver Disk" for special achievements.
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Wintersketches, suite in 6 mouvements, each one painted with great imagination and
                         linked to each other in a connecting narrative. (1981)
Sonata no 1, dedicated to Semionov (1979)
Sonata no 2 (1981)
Sonata no 3 (1987)
Sonata no 4 (1991)
Sonata no 5 "monologue about the Eternity"
Sonata no 6 (2003) "Stained glasses and cages of St. Paul Cathedral in Munster"
Sonata no 7 (2006) "Misterium",probably his last composition
Partita in four parts (1990)
Spring visions in three movements
Divertimento (1992)
Fuga and Burleska (1981)
Five Spanish pictures for flute and bayan (1990)
Autumn landscape suite (1989)            
Images of the Passing Time, suite for free bass accordeon
     1 Tornado
     2 How terrible it is to drown in the blue skies
     3 Voice of the strolling soul
     4 Waltz Caprice
     5 Shadow after shadow
     6 Burletta
     7 About love
     8 It was only the night to hear their words
     9 From the Oriental Melodies
    10 Angel Dream
    11 Glimmer of the dying down stars
    12 Procession
Concert for bayan and chamber orchestra (1998)
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