Chernikov Vyacheslav Gerasimovich ( 1947 - 1994 )

Vyacheslav Chernikov was a Russian composer born on May 21st 1947.

In 1977 he graduated ath the Voronezh Institute of Arts as an accordeonist and in 1986 he graduated at the Rostov Music Institute as a composer. 

Chernikov won several contests:
1972 Diploma Union Competition 
1978 Winner of the Festival of Youth and Students in Havana
1992 Magnitogorsk: the first all-union Russian contest "Improvisation92"

In the recent decades Vyacheslav Chernikov wrote a lot of pop-miniatures for bayan and accordeon. He arranged a lot of folk-song melodies, such as "On the Murom track", "Oh, wide steppe", Hey, Ukhnem" in lyrical variations and 
improvisations which he combined with elements of pop-music. The composer had an excellent feeling of modern accordeon, its expressive possibilities, enriching folk tunes with colorful harmony and diverse virtuoso passages. 
Chernikov also wrote a large number of pure pop-songs, all characterized by graceful and colorful harmonization and ease of emotional expression.

Vyacheslav Chernikov died on 16th of October 1994.

Jazz Waltz 
Two improvisations
The wide steppe, arrangement of a Russian folk song for 2 bayans and domra
Cowboy from Voronezh
Waltz impromptu
"Hey, Ukhnem", arrangement of a Russian folksong
Falling leaves, improvisation on the theme


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